But when Obama did it

From conservatives I often hear the excuse for atrocities happening under Trump that “no one cared when these things happened when Obama was in office.”

On the face of it, it’s a fair criticism. However, it does tend to gloss over that things are happening today that need to be fixed. You can’t hand-wave away terrible things because the other guy did it too. We must all strive to be better people, rather than just fall back on “well they do it too”.

Having said all that, it’s the media here who are ultimately culpable for this. Take, for instance, the issue of children being separated from parents and detained. A horrible thing which cannot be denied. However, the media only sought to bring it to the public’s attention now, rather than a few years ago.

This isn’t a defense of Trump, but an indictment on the media.

Now I hear protestors making small sound bites at their demonstrations that Trump is “imprisoning children” – a provocative claim that is both dramatic and light on substance. It sounds good, is simple to digest and horrifies anyone listening. Except it’s a superficial examination of what is happening.

The protestors don’t care about the children being supposedly imprisoned. They only care about the points they can score to smear Trump. If they truly cared about these children, they’d be at the border or at detention centres rather than in London beneath a Trump baby balloon.

And they’d have done it well before Trump came into office.

So when conservatives respond with “But Obama did it”, it’s not to defend Trump, but to call people out on their dishonesty. These people don’t care about incarcerated children. They just care about getting their anti-Christ out of the White House.


The unloseable position for Democrats

With the recent nomination to the Supreme Court in Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats are completely deploying their passionate and loud voices in order to not appear powerless in the world of politics. Because I do feel that the only real power that Democrats seem to have lay in the area of optics and spin – rather than actual power.

Each and every Democrat that has weighed in on the nominee for the Supreme Court has highlighted their concern about any attempts to overturn Roe versus Wade – as though such an action would result in widespread banning of abortions; nothing short of an attack on women’s freedoms.

When such an overturning would only really result in the matter falling back to the states to decide.

However, this kind of yelling on the part of democrats is a win-only proposition. By claiming that Trump seeks to overturn Roe versus Wade, and seizing control of the narrative like this, it means that any attempt the court makes to overturn this ruling can be painted as an abhorrent attack.

On the flip side, if the Supreme Court decides to not even go anywhere near Roe versus Wade, Democrats can claim that it was their intense pressure that made the court shy away from the matter. It’s win-win for Democrats.

Such a matter was also employed with the issue of separating children from their parents if they attempted to cross the border into the United States illegally. As I wrote before, Democrats could have changed matters through law, but instead they pressured Trump to enact an Executive Order to change things – a tactic I highlighted as disgusting in the way it used children as pawns in a sick political theatre.

But Trump executed an order, as requested. And it didn’t result in much, other than Democrats claiming a victory for the cameras.

Camera victories mean nothing if it doesn’t result in anything. If the Supreme Court leave Roe versus Wade alone, it won’t be because of pressure from Democrats. It would be be from malaise and indifference.

Democrats need to actually work on policy, and a message to the people beyond “We disagree”