Issues as ammo

The world has eyes on the US, and in particular there has been much talk of the issue of the separation of children from their parents as a result of illegal immigration.

The photos of distraught children are harrowing and distressing for anyone, let alone when it is whipped up by a melodramatic media – of whom I have been continually critical on this blog.

Of course, a President who was elected for his seemingly tough stance on illegal immigration is now facing a media backlash for the very stance he promised to take – even though he’s executing the law as per the 2016 9th Circuit Court ruling of not detaining children.

But it must be said with the sincerest of Fuck You’s to the likes of Chuck Schumer who, instead of working with Republicans to actually change the legislation, would prefer everything occur as an Executive Order from the President.

This is not a sign of someone who wants a problem fixed, but of someone who wants to use people as political hay.

Why would he want an Executive Order when he can actually change the law to fix the problem? Because the problem with doing things with “a flick of a pen” is that those actions can be undone with the same simplicity. Whereas changing via law can only be undone via changing the law.

Schumer cares not for children separated from their parents beyond how he can use them to pressure Trump. It’s just a game for him. There are actual people suffering as a result of legislation, and he would prefer to get headlines over working with the other side of the aisle to get a result.

Fuck off. People are not to be used in this manner. They are not your leverage so you can forward your own celebrity and agenda.

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