You are the 1 percent

I recently saw a thing on Facebook which basically said something along the lines of “If you have earned over $50k per year, then you are part of the 1 percent.

When looked at on a global scale, then yes I would agree with such a statement. Earning US$50k a year seems dreamy to someone living on cents a day from their netted sweatshop in squalid conditions. I won’t argue otherwise.

But I cannot help but feel that this notion only serves to distract from the actual wealth gap that concerns people. Am I saying that $50k a year isn’t a lot of money? No. However, look at countries in isolation, then that figure doesn’t appear as rosy – especially to consider their respective costs of living.

The meme of “You are one of the one percent” attempts to convince middle or working class people that they don’t have it rough, that things are actually quite good for them, and that if they have a grudge against ultra wealthy people, then they are part of the problem.

That idea can not-so-kindly fuck off.

A person earning $50k a year is not the same as the cosseted space fillers you see pictured on Rich Kids of Instagram, jumping out of helicopters and drinking $10k magnums of champagne in the back of the overpriced limousine that’s driven by someone paid $30k a year.

Do I say that as someone in a first world country that I shouldn’t be concerned about third world poverty? No.

But I won’t sit here and be told, while a wealthy section of society gets to benefit so much by doing so little, and while they make decisions to lay off people by the thousands to appease shareholders, that I am a part of the problem.


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