Against my better judgement, I have decided to sign up to Twitter. I have long held a belief that social media, such as twitter, serves very little purpose other than to cater to peoples’ superego, however I have conceded that it could well be a necessary evil. At least in 2017. It is my long-term hope that eventually we all will expunge this shit from our system and return to our smaller communities to lift them.

If we can collectively raise our smaller communities, then that creates a far greater power than simply trying to slay the monsters at the top.

I spoke with a friend the other day about the modern-day “climate” when it comes to political discussion, and I found them agreeing with me largely on a number of items. This did cause a little concern that I was creating an echo-chamber around me. In order to balance out this echo-chamber, I decided that joining the shittest of the shit would at least expose me to the extreme of both sides. This would serve to expose me to bollocks from both sides, rather than overdosing on just the one.

I don’t believe that anyone armed with truth and facts should fear opposing views. In a political world where the loudest voices are those most extreme, the majority will be determined by swaying those in the middle.

When speaking to this friend, I relayed that I believed that bickering among ourselves leads to the rich people laughing at us, because we don’t from a unified front. The friend seemed dubious on the matter, which perhaps led me to perhaps insert some nuance on my point.

Because I had to be honest with myself. Do I want to be wealthy? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. However, without sounding corny, I believe there has to be some kind of “healthy wealthy” (which sounds like some kind of schlocky self-help book). A wealth that doesn’t come at the great expense of others. Wealth that brings comfort without the sacrifice of empathy, or the kind of arrogance that leads to cosseted people asking why others work.

“People work to climb a mountain” – utter bullshit

The kind of wealth that doesn’t lead to detachment from the hoi polloi. The kind of wealth that lets you sit in business class on the plane and speak of regretting getting snacks.

Without having met someone with that kind of wealth, I can only guess that they don’t realise that their own wealth relies on the common people being able to spend and trickle the money up to them. They don’t realise that jobs are created with demand, and not necessarily (or exclusively) investment.

So, I guess that’s what this is about. When I target the “wealthy” I don’t mean necessarily mean the “successful”.


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