The Folly of Partisan Headlines

As the media flounders around, trying to get a bead on their audience, in order to maintain their sphere of influence – and a source of income – I figured I would impart my own opinion on where exactly it is they’re going wrong.

Take this headline, for example.

“Late-night hosts on Trump’s disastrous press conference”

Or follow up with the headlines following the Uber Troll’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

“Bill Maher’s Shameful Mainstreaming of Yiannopoulos’ Hate”

The media seems intent on telling the audience how to think, rather than presenting everything without emotion and letting the audience make up their own mind. Take, for instance, the latter example above. Milo Yiannopoulos’ message has typically centred around open discussion and exchange of ideas, but anyone who listens to him fire off his self-congratulatory words and his incendiary comments on Islam would hardly feel welcome in having such an open discussion with him.

I wouldn’t be interested in debating Yiannopoulos, not because of his supposed Nazism, but because I don’t believe he is being honest. He goes straight for the provocative, and then feeds from the reaction. I don’t believe this is open and honest debate.

However considering how rebuttals to Yiannopoulos seem to revolve around variations of deploying the word “Fuck”, I can see how we got here. But, to my original point – and it relays back to a previous post I’ve made – the media needs to stop this kind of headlining. As I distrust the media as much as anyone else, I’ll break down my thought process when I see a baity headline. Let’s go through it step-by-step:

  1. I see headline
  2. I see headline is clearly slanted against a person
  3. I get impression that article will be unbalanced, and therefore only wants to present a skewed version of events
  4. I go elsewhere to find a more balanced take on the event, or at least a counter viewpoint.
  5. I find counter viewpoint with comparatively benign headline. That viewpoint seems far more rational, but promotes a Right-wing idea.
  6. Trust the latter source more

I’m not saying that this is how others would think. I’m just saying that this is how I think, and that I’m just an average Joe. I am not unique. So, this could be why the trust in the media is as low as it is.

I’m uneducated, but I know when someone is speaking to me like an idiot. The media, as I said before, needs to give me reason to trust them again, and the attempts to mock, deride and yell over someone with wrong ideas only turns me against them.

I hate that this is what the Left has become. We were the side of peace, understanding and free thought. I don’t see that anymore.

But believe me, if I see the Right doing the exact thing I question above, you bet your ass I’ll treat them with the same skepticism.


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