The Ctrl of the Alt right

Anyone who has been following politics recently would be aware of the term in the title. I do notice that there has been much written about the Alt Right recently, and each piece seems to focus in on what it precisely means, and how to define it.

Despite that whole feeling about media powers deciding on a definition seeming incredibly Orwellian, I cannot help but feel that the media is simply not learning its lesson here.

The use of words is what gives nuance to debates, allowing for the shades of grey to show through. The readiness to which people use descriptors such as “white supremacy” and “racism” (both things being utterly abhorrent and devoid of merit) I feel does serve to strip away those shades of grey and providing a monochrome view.

It would likely be argued that because of the nature of white supremacy and racism that there is no nuance to be engaged, and I would definitely be in agreement. Except when a vast majority of slighted people in power (and with vast reach and influence) get to dictate the definition of words.

I don’t pretend to know, nor do I care to understand what “alt right” is. It’s just another label.

Apart from the overuse of these words serving only to dilute their impact, the fact that people in power can simply dismiss and smear any uprising against them as “white supremacy” or “racist” does concern me. It’s like how people will mock Godwin’s Law (the law that says that the longer an internet discussion occurs, the more likely that Hitler will be raised) will inevitably lead to society scoffing when actual Nazism rears its terrible and inhumane face.

The slippery slope I see is that if the ruling class doesn’t like someone, they’ll brand them, define them, and watch the majority beat them into submission. However, as the media should have learned from Trump’s victory in November, it doesn’t always work. While it didn’t work on a wealthy businessman, the rest of us commoners would not be so lucky. To be simply labelled a white supremacist for just wanting to see nuance in a debate is not something I feel comfortable with.

So, whether or not you think the Alt Right is white supremacy, I would caution you against simply believing the definitions being peddled to you. This goes for other groups as well, which is why I distinctly reject the term “SJW” (Social Justice Warrior); because the label is meant to conjure an image in my mind that is slanted against people who would have genuine grievances with the structure of society.

This is the core of my site, really. Because the commoners like you and I are stuck bickering among ourselves over whether we’re defined properly – such as debating whether an alt-right identifier is a white supremacist, or that a proud SJW is a shrill harpy, the rich and wealthy stay happy and comfortable and ruling.

This arguing over labels and definitions are distracting us from what the rich people are doing. And it’s why the rich people are laughing at us.