The short-lived triumph of white

The current attitude I’m viewing from conservatives in the wake of the election victory has been interesting in its smugness. I guess the cries of “n’yer” were too good to pass up, although I cannot help but feel that they might be a little too over-the-top.

I don’t disagree that the election of Trump was an enormous middle finger to the media. In fact I find it incredibly bemusing that left-wing outlets like The Guardian have spent much of the past four years bemoaning and demonising the demographic of men and white people, and then act suddenly confused when all the men and white people don’t vote for the candidate they’re rimming.

However, conservatives would be doing themselves a disservice to commit to the notion that demonising the white demographic is electoral suicide, especially if we see a continuance of this tactic going forward.

To take a long view of the United States, conservatives would well regard the report that US public schools are, for the very first time, predominantly non-white.

If I understand the current media narrative (and I hate how that word is cropping up so much these days), it’s that people of colour will tend to vote Democrat, whereas white will vote Republican. With the media continuing this narrative and pushing white people to the right (as witnessed with the election of Trump) then in eight very short years, we are going to potentially see an entire generation, and majority, of Democrat voters.

I don’t say this to be alarmist. It doesn’t bother me if the above happens to occur. But it would definitely wipe any smugness that conservatives exhibit at the notion that the current system has rejected the identity politics that has permeated traditionally left-wing media outlets. Conservatives cannot lean on the white demographics winning them elections, and they need to start focussing on how they’ll appeal to this growing segment of non-white voters going forward.


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