The College collage


Before the 2016 election got in full swing, I had made a prediction. After the two major parties had their candidates locked and loaded, and when it became apparent that the idiot with the idiot hair would become the Republican shot at the White House, I just knew what the first item on the agenda would be, regardless of who won.

Electoral reform.

I just knew that the powers-that-be would be wondering just how this upstart from outside, ie Trump, even got to where he was. Politics is the realm of the ruling class who have laboured hard in their mansions, hob-jobbing with their equally connected sleazeball neighbours, and only the most polished and hobbed of knobs got to have a shot at historical relevance.

Then Donald Trump came along to one of their parties and shat in the fish tank.

And just like being at a party where someone waltzed in and pinched off a quality loaf in your pet’s house, everyone would be asking, “How the fuck did they get in, anyway?” Sure enough, here we are talking about changing the system, or gaming the college to ensure the Will Of The People is honoured.

Hillary Clinton currently has the lead in the popular vote by the not-insignificant margin of two million votes, and people are starting to scrawl question marks over Trump’s mandate to lead.

Some might think that this is only an issue because Clinton lost. I disagree. This would still be an issue if Clinton won, but only to stop assholes like Trump from getting even remotely close to becoming a candidate, let alone President. The club would be banding together, much like they are now, just to find a way to make sure some schlub from outside don’t go shitting in their tank.

I don’t profess to be an expert on politics. Everything I type in this blog is brain dump of how I view issues, and I have precisely zero credibility or power, so my blog is therefore benign. However, I feel the electoral college, while outdated, is still an imperfect solution that works.

There is a lot of discussion about how some peoples’ votes are worth more than others, because the College ensures that major city centres aren’t given too much clout when it comes to electing a leader. However, the alternative solution of “one person, one vote” only serves to provide the reverse – which is stupid anyway. Or, I have reservations. You can’t just tack on a “one person, one vote” system onto the existing shit pile. I understand that Democrats have only lost the popular vote on very few occasions, and a popular vote system only skews everything toward the cities.

Like it or not, country people should have an influence too. They are a part of your nation and deserve representation, for better or worse.

But electoral reform is on the mind, so let me just add a couple more little caveats to the idea of “one person, one vote”

  • Make polling day a public holiday and/or;
  • Make voting compulsory

I understand the logistical shit-show that second point would create, but it’s the only way to ensure that the popular vote is truly representative. Without giving everyone, everywhere reason and ability to vote, then you won’t get a good snapshot of the electorate’s wishes. At the moment, having voting on a Tuesday, and non-compulsory only leans the system to the wealthier, the white collar and the childless.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Trump in the White House either. But deal with the symptoms that got him there (ie voter disenfranchisement), and not the system.


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