The fallout of Trump

I’d long abandoned this blog, but considering the recent day’s events, it might be pertinent to revisit the thing.

It’s a strange time for the current powers that be. After a hard fought and extremely bitter 2016 Presidential campaign, the unthinkable happened: the unelectable buffoon took the White House. After all the smears, and all the mocking, and all the stupidity on behalf of the media, Donald Trump has taken the Presidency.

I have long hated the method of debate on the Internet. It’s not so much a method as it is theatre, in where everything is thrown at an opponent in the vague hope that something eventually sticks. It’s not enough for a debate opponent to be bested, but they must be destroyed, humiliated and mocked. It’s a technique I’ve seen applied to political debates, and I hate seeing it being deployed among the rest of us.

Whenever a prominent figure pops up on Youtube or wherever, they have their character questioned, and seldom are their arguments debunked – and even if they are debunked, they’re done is a, “god aren’t they stupid?” way. It’s a method I want to see stopped, because we, as a planet, have seen the method writ large just elect someone to the highest political office who has zero experience in being a politician.

Day after day, week after week, comedians would mock Donald Trump. People on twitter would mercilessly mock him. News outlets would focus on the minor aspects of him in the vain hope of shaming him out, but instead the worst thing possible had happened. He continued to rise.

Trump eating chicken. Newsworthy, apparently.

But has the media learned anything from this? There are some glimpses of reflection, with the Guardian writing about how they misread the public sentiment. I can’t find the article at the moment, but I feel it’s likely summed up by the Jonathan Pie video below.

But there is a pocket of the media who have taken a look at their behaviour over the past 18 months, nay, past four years and decided, “Fuck it. Let’s keep going.”

Yup, white people are to blame. Not the media who have championed the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, but also took swipes at white people while doing so. It’s amazing that these people think they can mock white people, but then get confused as to why white people didn’t vote for the candidate they wanted.

These will be the same people who will laugh mercilessly when Trump is voted out after a single term, despite that it’ll be the same white people who will decide to swing against Trump.

The one thing I fear now, is that the discourse on politics will now distill down to a false dichotomy; Conservative = white people. Democrat = non white. Not only is this reductive and false, it also erases any black conservatives, or liberal whites.

This isn’t to say that the recent result on 9 November 2016 is a declaration that this is the world and this is how it’ll always work forever. A 2014 study indicated that children in public schools are more non-white than white, so it’ll be only a mere decade before we start seeing elections less influenced by the white count. It would be foolish of any political party to solely court the white vote going forward.

But it would still be silly to assume that either demographic will stay Democrat or Republican as well. Political views are elastic for many people, and some might grow more conservative as they age.

I am neither delighted or horrified at the ascension of Trump, but that lies mostly in that I have no skin in the game. I am not a US resident. But I see the politics of old are dead or dying. We can’t approach electorates and demographics as left or right. People, this time, I feel have voted for an end to the establishment.

Politicians would be wise to learn from this. As would the media.


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